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Staff at Farnham

Man in suit with five men in green uniform standing in a garden


Meet the Farnham Town Council team and find out what they do.

Who's who

Grounds maintenance team

Current vacancies

A team of officers is responsible for implementing council policies. They also take care of providing the town council’s services along with the day-to-day running of the council. There are equivalent to 17 full time officers who are managed by the Town Clerk. Officers are non-elected paid staff. We advertise staff vacancies on our website. All staff can be contacted by email or on 01252 712667.

Who’s who

Iain Lynch

Iain Lynch, Town Clerk – Responsible financial officer (RFO) for the Council and head of paid staff 

Contact Iain about:

  • any matter concerning Farnham Town Council

Clare Kennett

Clare Kennett, Governance and Community Engagement Manager

Contact Clare about:

  • Council and Committee administration
  • Member support
  • Administration of grants to local groups
  • Administration of the South Street Trust
  • Freedom of information requests / Data access and GDPR
  • Policy Development including emergency planning, Community Infrastructure Levy and website

Iain McCready

Iain McCready, Business and Facilities Manager

Contact Iain about:

  • Farnham in Bloom
  • allotments
  • council contracts and facilities including CCTV and insurance
  • capital works to council properties
  • cemeteries and burial services
  • outside workforce

Oliver Cluskey

Oliver Cluskey, Events Manager

Contact Oliver about:

  • Town Council events
  • tourism in Farnham
  • Sponsorship

Lara Miller

Lara Miller, Community Enhancement and Projects Officer (Currently on maternity leave)

Photo of Stacey Wills

Stacey Wills

Stacey Wills, Community Enhancement and Projects Officer (maternity cover)

Contact Stacey about:

  • sponsorship of Farnham in Bloom
  • Farnham in Bloom events and competitions
  • community projects
  • working with the community to improve the visual appearance and facilities of Farnham’s rural wards

Photo of Janice Harris

Janice Harris

Janice Harris, Receptionist and Farmers’ Market Coordinator 

 Contact Janice about:

  • general enquiries
  • coordination and promotion of the Farmers’ Markets
  • council reception service

Adrienne Owen

Adrienne Owen, Burials, Cemeteries and Memorials Administrator (0.5 FTE)

Contact Adrienne about:

  • memorial health and safety testing
  • arranging burials
  • genealogy enquiries
  • general cemeteries administration and exclusive rights of burial
  • memorial permits

Julie Jackson

Julie Jackson

Julie Jackson, Communications (Contracted two days per week)

Contact Julie about:

  • Town Council press releases
  • public relations
  • Vantage Point content
  • website

Jenny de Quervain

Jenny de Quervain, Planning and projects (0.4 FTE)

Contact Jenny about:

  • planning and licensing administration
  • Buildings of Local Merit
  • FCAMP projects (eg Yards of Farnham)
  • Mayoral matters and events

Arthur Hambley

Arthur Hambley, Facilities Officer

Contact Arthur about:

  • projects
  • buildings
  • maintenance

Claire Connell

Claire Connell, Accountant (Contracted two days per month)

Sarah Cross

Sarah Cross

 Sarah Cross, Bookkeeper (Contracted two days per week)

Outside workforce

Outside workforce • undertake the practical implementation of Farnham in Bloom • maintain the cemeteries and allotments • maintain the public conveniences • maintain bus shelters and street furniture • arrange graffiti removal • update the community noticeboards

Mark Beckett

 Mark Beckett – Grounds Maintenance Supervisor

Activities covered by Mark include:

  • day-to-day activities of the grounds maintenance team

Robin Cooper

Robin Cooper – Grounds operative


Dave Nicholson

Dave Nicholson, Grounds operative

Gary Hamer

Gary Hamer, Grounds Operative

Antony Byron

Antony Byron, Grounds Operative

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